Are you planning a Bathroom Renovation in 2018? Elite Services Group are Specialist bathroom fitters in Hull & East Yorkshire. We can supply and fit En Suites,  budget Bathrooms, bespoke luxury wet rooms, walk in showers and cloakrooms to suit all styles and budgets. From the design through to the installation and renovations we will work with you to provide practical solutions to bring your ideas to life.

Beginning a Bathroom Renovation

Renovating a bathroom can be an extremely rewarding task. It can take the room from being old and dated to fresh & relaxing. When completing a bathroom redesign firstly you have to consider the size of the bathroom. Using bathroom tiles that are light in color can complement a small space and make it feel larger than it is. When using darker tiles, if in a small space, can make the space feel smaller and more confined. White tiles and ceilings make the space feel larger, because it doesn’t give the illusion of stopping.

Choosing your tiles

All tiles provide different visual aesthetics whether small or large. Some may think that large tiles would make the room feel smaller, when in fact, large tiles produce the visual effect of having a larger room. With less grout lines you aren’t focusing on how much is there but how clean the lines are. Smaller tiles, means more grout, which means visually it becomes really busy.

Create a Focal Point

You could choose just one colour theme for your Bathroom or if you are feeling bold you can create a beautiful focal wall. Tiles come in so many different colors and designs it’s easy to choose one that works for your room. You can also consider using a different type of bathroom tile such as stone, for a different effect.

Other Considerations

Something else that you have to consider when completing a bathroom redesign are the materials that you are going to use. When it comes to the shower, you’ll want to have something that is easy to clean. This could be a porcelain or a ceramic tile, because they aren’t naturally porous and generally don’t need to be sealed.

From planning and design to complete installation, our highly professional and experienced team will ensure your bathroom is supplied and fitted to the highest standard. 

We offer a fully quoted and complete Bathroom service.