And all of a sudden the temperature has dropped...

This is when we rely on our boilers the most and as such it's when our boilers work the hardest. Here are some great tips on how you can keep your boiler healthy to make sure you’re nice and cosy this winter.

Service your boiler annually: Elite offer a full Boiler service with certification for just £60

Invest in a smarter thermostat: A smart thermostat offers both automation and greater control over your home’s temperature and climate – control that could save you a bundle on your energy bill.

Bleed your radiators: If your gas central heating isn't warming your home properly, it could be because there are air bubbles trapped in the system. This is when you'd need to bleed your radiator. These bubbles prevent hot water from circulating effectively, so radiators aren't as hot as they should be and take longer to warm your home.

Ensure your home is warm all winter long, by taking advantage of our fantastic offer for a new Ideal Logic Combi Boiler from only £999!

The Ideal range of combi boilers are easy to install and come with up-to 10 year warranty* for total peace of mind.