Save money & stay warm this Winter with a SMART Thermostat. The app-accessible integrated heating systems allow you to control your home's temperature and hot water from wherever you are. No more complicated programming or returning home to a Freezing House, burst water pipes and costly repair bills. 

Take control of your Energy with a Nest Heating Thermostat.


Programming is history

After just one week, the Nest Thermostat learns what you like and programmes itself.

On-the-go control

With the Nest App, you can control your heating and hot water wherever you are.

Look for the Leaf

Know when you’re saving energy by looking out for the Nest Leaf.

Come back to a cosy home

True Radiant learns how long your home takes to warm up and turns on the heat at the right time.

Make Seasonal Savings

The Nest Thermostat fine tunes its programme in the winter. Maximising your savings and minimising your effort.

Know more, save more

Keep an eye on your daily usage on the app, plus pick up some energy saving tips with your monthly report.

Control your hot water

Whether you’re home early or late, turn your hot water on and off, or even give it a boost if you need a little extra.


It takes time for your home to heat up and turning the thermostat to the maximum temperature won’t speed it up. With the Time-to-Temperature feature, the Nest Thermostat will tell you how long it will take to get there, even taking the weather into consideration.

True Radiant

Once it’s learnt your pattern and the time it takes to get to the temperature you like, the True Radiant feature kicks in. Want to make sure it’s warm when you wake up and cosy when you get home? With the Nest Thermostat, it’s no problem.

Elite Services Group are approved Nest Installers.

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