Frequently asked questions & answers


Why does my boiler keep losing pressure and has to be topped up every day?

This could be due to a few things, if you have no sign of leaking in your home, the most common fault is the pressure relief valve (PRV) on the boiler is letting by.  To test this have a look at the 15mm pipe underneath your boilers flue on the outside of the property, if the wall is wet or stained, this will be your problem. Other issues can include flat or broken vessels and of course the possibility of a leak under the floor or even a cracked heat exchanger.


Why does my toilet keep running?

If your toilet continues to run after flushing, this indicates a faulty part inside of the toilet which is letting water by, this is a relatively common problem and a simple fix.


Why does my hot water turn on then off and not get very hot?

This could be due to a number of reasons, however, the most common fault is usually a blocked plate heat exchanger within the boiler.  In most cases this can be cured by removing it and cleaning with acid.  We would then recommend protecting the boiler with a magnetic filter to avoid the problem reoccurring.


Why does my boiler turn its self-off before all of my radiators get hot downstairs?

This could be as simple as your system not being balanced correctly, causing the hot water in the central heating system to not be pushed to all extremities of the heating system before returning to the boiler, thus tricking the boiler into thinking all of the radiators have reached temperature.  Another common cause can be a clogged up heating system, causing a build-up of sediment in the heating system and restricting the flow of water, to cure this we would recommend flushing the system out with a power flushing machine and a cleaning agent.


One of the radiators in my house doesn’t get hot but the rest are fine.

The most common reason for this is a faulty TRV or lock shield on the radiator its self, we would recommend changing them.


Why is there water coming out of the pipe near my guttering?

This could be due to a faulty lever ball valve in the heating system or hot water tank, however, it could also be an indication of a blockage in the heating systems pipework.


Why has my shower suddenly started running cold?

This could be down to a number of factors, most commonly in electric showers a faulty thermostat or heating element is to blame.  With a mixer shower is could be down to a faulty mixing valve or perhaps an airlock in the pipework.


My light has blown and blown the fuse too, is this normal?

When a light bulb blows it can sometimes create a momentary high continuity in the circuit which can cause fuse to burn out or MCB’s to trip.  Other causes can include lose or bad contacts within the light fitting or switch which can cause arcing.


How often do I need to have a gas safety check done on my rental property?

By law, a landlord must complete a gas safety certificate on any property they let out.  These must be completed on a 12 monthly basis.


How often should I service my boiler?

Any new boiler fitted must be serviced annually in order to maintain the warranty period given with any boiler.  We recommend having your boiler serviced annually even when out of warranty as keeping it clean and well serviced can significantly prolong the life of the boiler and make it much more efficient.


Why are my gas bill so high?

A number of factors can contribute to high gas bills, most notably an old or inefficient gas boiler.  None condensing gas boilers can run as low as 55% efficiency, meaning that for every £1 you spend on gas, 45p of it is lost in the heat that escapes in the flue gases. New condensing boilers can run at as high as 97% efficiency.  Other contributing factors can include not having TRV’s fitted to you radiators on old mechanical clocks.  Factored in with badly insulated houses, this can cause very high gas bills.  There are so many products available on the market today which will significantly help in reducing the running time and cost of your gas boiler.


Why are my radiators getting hot when I run my hot water?

This could be down do a 2 or 3 port valve faulting on a Y or S plan heating system. The issue on a combi boiler is likely a faulty internal diverter valve.


Who can work on my gas central heating boiler or system?

To undertake work on any gas central heating system, gas boiler, gas pipework or any gas appliance the engineer must be gas qualified and be registered with Gas Safe.  You should ask to see an engineer’s Gas Safe card before allowing them to undertake any work on gas.  You should also check the rear of the Gas Safe to ensure they are qualified to work on any specific appliance.


The RCD for my sockets keeps tripping when its raining.

This is a common fault when DIY work has been done on a circuit to perhaps add sockets to a circuit. If a junction box has been left on the ground under the floor water can ingress in to the JB causing the RCD to trip.


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