Mr Davies

What work did Elite Complete?

Elite completed a heating and hot water overhaul.  Removed 2 old gas boilers and replaced with 2 heat pumps.  Changed the system from a gravity fed to a pressurised system, relocated everything to a new plant room in the garage, changed all the existing radiators and installed 3 new ones, installed 2 new showers and changed some taps

Why did decide to invest in Renewable Energy?

The price of gas is only going to increase as reserves shrink.  The system is much more efficient which represents savings, it’s backed by government funding and it’s much better for the planet. Total investment was around £22,500 and my return over 7 years will be £18,944. Using Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

Why did you choose Elite?

I initially had contact with James Procter through a post he put on Linkedin.  James Clark and James Procter came over to my house and went over everything with me and put my mind at rest as it was a new technology for me.  I did a bit of research about Elite and found only favorable reviews.  I would also rather use a smaller family company than a large corporation and Elite ticked all the boxes.


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